Outperform the competition with Integrated CRM software for Colleges and Universities

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Outperform the competition with Integrated CRM & ATS (Applicant Tracking system) software for Colleges and Universities

Educational institutions in every corner of the globe are now experiencing profound shifts in how they engage and interact with their customers that include:  students, parents, members of the faculty, alumni, donors and other staff members.  No matter how great your organization may appear on paper, all your efforts will be ineffective if you fail to put the focus back on your customers.  And it’s CRM software that can help you to achieve the best results.  Above all, the way you treat students, staff, alumni, parents and even friends is what it really boils down to in terms of success.

The Truth about Higher Education CRM

Higher education CRM is about more than simply automating communication.  A CRM solution is basically a tool that places the power in your hands to manage relationships more effectively.  Because of the ease of accessing information via the web, your higher education customers are demanding more attention, more care, and prompter service.

Your institution has to be proactive and adjust its focus towards technology that can help turn the concentration back onto customers.  As it stands, the main areas of concern with customer relationship management is education arena are mainly centered on recruiting, customer service, marketing and support.

How the integrated solution CRM+ATS Benefits the Entire University

Since the CRM in education area mainly centres on recruiting, an integrated CRM + ATS will benefit the universities by

  • Providing better and positive applicant experience (Mobile friendly, Reach applicants where they are with seamless integrations with social media, simplify the applicant experience with resume parsing and easy uploads)
  • Supporting the complex structures across multiple departments, customize evaluation criterion, separate workflows for posting the openings, tracking student applicants
  • Integrating with higher education job portals
  • Better insights with Reporting and Analytics engine.

For students, the CRM database helps to guide interactions with the admissions office, the registrar’s office, financial aid, dorm room assignments and questions, and student accounts.  Staff members and campus faculty can use CRM to easily interact with all departments.  Departmental heads can contact payroll, information technology (IT), benefits, and other department using CRM software.

Departments and offices on university and college campuses typically work as separate entities.  Putting CRM software in place virtually eliminates divisional boundaries and will allow you to focus on you customers in a more organized and coordinated manner.  Now you can provide a common ground when both interacting with and communicating with your customers using a CRM solution.

And on top of that, your staff members will be extremely effective and knowledgeable when faced with questions or concerns from prospective students, parents, and even vendors.  You will have the resources on hand to make your entire organization more efficient in achieving specific targets.

Look, times are changing and emerging, CRM software technologies and processes are leading the way to new growth opportunities, modern resources and innovative services.  From increased revenue through improved recruitment and retention to improved customer satisfaction and customer service, you simply can’t lose with CRM technology at your fingertips.

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