We are witnessing the most dramatic shift in consumer behaviors, preferences, and expectations the retail industry has ever seen. To succeed in this new economy, businesses must create a unified strategy, across every channel, to develop and optimize compelling digital transformation experiences.

The demands of today’s consumer​

Today’s digitally savvy consumers have full control over what, when, where, how, and why they buy. As the line between physical and digital interactions becomes increasingly blurred, their expectations continue to grow. If you don’t provide the value and convenience they demand—on every channel they use—your customers will simply go elsewhere.

Your ultimate success or failure hinges on making the customer the central focus of every aspect of your business. A digital approach allows you to:

  • Tap into detailed, real-time behavioral information, both in store and online.
  • Rapidly create—and continuously optimize—new products.
  • Expand from selling goods to include additional services.
  • Identify innovative ways to attract customers and build loyalty.
  • Help associates work more productively.
  • Streamline day-to-day operations.
  • Develop updated business models that leverage digital capabilities.

“Customer first” is redefining retail.

Digital transformation means going beyond the customer experience to radically reshape the way retailers do business.

Organizations today recognize the importance of becoming more customer-centric. This has led to an increased focus on gleaning insights related to customers’ behaviors and preferences, from massive volumes of data obtained during, and after each shopping activity

These insights help organizations serve personalized and contextualized offers to customers, thereby leading to increased value and immensely delightful transactions, which keeps customers coming back.


This profitable demand, of course, spells good news for business bottomline. Personalized offers are immensely effective in Influencing customer behavior at the point of purchase. The result?

  • Up to a 20% increase in promotional conversion rates
  • 15% increase in average basket size, and
  • 10% increase in the purchase of suggested upsell and cross-sell products.

These personalized offers are created in real time by combining the consumer’s shopping context and location with the company’s knowledge of the customer’s profile, preferences, and purchase history along with in-store product availability.

At Savantis, we can help any size retailer maximize the return on their marketing investment and create an enhanced shopping experience by collecting and acting on massive amounts of data about customer behavior in real-time and delivering relevant offers while the customer is standing right in your store.

All of this is possible with the power of SAP.



Innovate your digital core for real digital transformation with SAP S/4 HANA

SAP S/4 HANA for retail features a simplified data model with embedded analytics functions, and supports retail core processes end to end – from master data entry and product listing, through promotion execution and price maintenance, to point-of-sale accounting.SAP S/4HANA Retail for merchandise management will form the transactional backbone for the entire retail scenario in the SAP S/4HANA suite of the future.

Get your questions answered on SAP S/4 Retail Solution by our experts

  • What can the new retail Solution do?
  • How will this change the underlying omnichannel reference architecture?
  • What fundamental benefits does the new SAP S/4 HANA retail system offer?
  • To what extent does the new solution support the digital transformation in the enterprise?
  • What functional benefits does SAP S/4HANA Retail for core business processes?
  • Which new business models are possible for companies using the digital core for retail?

Customer Engagement


SAMMY, a Digital Engagement, Monetization, and Customer Experience Management Platform . With SAMMY, you can

  1. Deliver Ubiquitous Digital Engagement & Frictionless Shopper Experience
  2. Deliver targeted advertising and marketing across channels
  3. Increase staff efficiency and Improve Productivity

Trigger in-store notifications and provide location based content. Deliver store specific information and advertising/marketing campaigns


Customer Needs, Met Effectively.

Win over demanding shoppers – with our customer-centric merchandising solutions for retail.

Customers’ needs and wants seem to fluctuate constantly. But their expectations for quality, selection, and service only seem to increase. 

If you are a midsized retailer, you face the same challenges as national chains when it comes to planning, procuring, supplying, and selling. 

But midsize retailers usually have disparate legacy systems and fewer resources – people, time, and budgets – to overcome those challenges.

  • To win the competition for customers, midsized retailers must provide more enjoyable and differentiated experiences than national chains.

  • Midsized retailers must also improve operating efficiencies, make accurate informed decisions based on real time information, and put action plans in motion quickly.


A single platform, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system helps retailers to do exactly that.

  • With years of expertise selling and implementing SAP Retail Solutions at midsized retailers, Savantis Group understands their needs and speaks the language.
  • We offer a wide-range of services and solutions to help retailers select, implement and support merchandise management applications and provide your associates with services and experiences.
  • We also provide real-time customer insight and predictive analytics, optimized merchandise and assortment planning, marketing, campaign and promotion planning, and perfect price and promotion execution solutions.
  • Whether you are interested in a cloud-based, on premise, or SaaS type solution, Savantis brings SAP Retail Solutions to ambitious retailers faster than you ever thought possible and without breaking the bank.
  • To simplify getting integrated with SAP Retail, turn to our expertise and knowledge in value-based SAP Retail Solutions.

For a complete overview of RetailON, please download our brochure

S4-as-a-Service (S4aaS)

S4aaS offers you the core functionality of SAP software, but without the capital expense and IT resources required with an in-house solution.  

  • Our S4aaS offering can assist you with virtually all operations of your business, including finance, sales, warehouse management, procurement, planning, distribution, and more.
  • With our S4aaS bundle, we will host and manage your SAP environment for you.  All you need is a web browser, and we can have you up and running in a matter of weeks, at just $195/user/month!
  • Running a growing and evolving business is complicated enough, without having to worry about managing your IT infrastructure as well.  Simplify your life, and allow us to take away the day-to-day operational burden from your laundry list of responsibilities.

Think S4aaS can add value to your organization?


Watch this short video testimonial

Find out how we helped a customer go live with S/4 Finance and HANA for 100+ users in just 12 weeks.  And with all the business process improvements this customer is now experiencing, the system has paid for itself in just 5 months!



ERP Implementation

Are you currently operating on a legacy system that doesn’t integrate with your other operational systems and can’t keep up with growing business?

At Savantis, we implement a preconfigured version of SAP specifically designed with retailers in mind.  This implementation is typically completed in a span of 4 months from start to finish, and with minimal disruptions to store operations.


  • Full integration and compatibility between multiple systems
  • Analytics that give store management the complete picture
  • Formal inventory process that allows you to better track and monitor their shrinkage rates
  • Better utilize the Promotion Management tool of the system to create targeted offers based on their customer's shopping behavior
  • And many more!

Mobile Application Development

In order to succeed in mobile, it is imperative that retailers make it a priority. Customers are extremely particular about the experience you are able to provide. Hence, retailers must strategize to put mobile first with a strategy that is both detailed and integrated in a seamless manner. There are a wide variety of benefits strategic mobile applications offer retailers. Below is an overview


  • Keep a close track of sales opportunities with an easy access to inventory management system.  
  • Your sales associates can check stock of items directly on their phone or tablet right on the sales floor, without having to tie up their POS system for simple stock lookups.
  • Take customer loyalty to a new level. You can collect insights on buying habits and preferences from your most loyal customers, and this information can be integrated with your back-end SAP system in real-time.

To devise a mobile application strategy


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