How to choose perfect CRM for your Campus

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Times are changing and interest in finding a reliable CRM system for higher education is off the charts, and little wonder with the competition for students sharpening with the pool of eligible high school graduates shrinking. Universities and colleges alike that have utilized the proper electronic solutions for taking care of their admissions and retention procedures are moving straight ahead into the future. Simply put, institutions are beginning to recognize the immediate and instant payoff in better managing student relationships. The right customer relationship management (CRM) software will increase your ability to attract students, enjoy higher retention rates, experience immediate return on investment and improve overall operation efficiency.

And it’s no secret that when the outlook on the economy is dim and dismal, improving your institution’s efficiency and receiving the maximum return on your investment becomes vital. You have a key opportunity by using a CRM database to streamline most operations, better manage student information and even save money.

Here’s some insight into four key considerations when looking for the best CRM system for your campus. See how well it integrates with other systems on campus. Ensure the CRM software works well with other systems used to manage students’ names, financial information, and other important data.

Determine the return on investment with enrolment CRM software. One of the main reasons CRM is growing in popularity is because of its ability to improve on efficiency and cut down your institutions reliance on internal support services. Furthermore, you can free up excessive reliance on your university’s central IT department

Find out what features your institution needs. Consider how often you will use a particular feature and what features your university can’t function without. Look at what reports can be generated and how information can be accessed such as web based or mobile CRM solutions.

Find out if an all-inclusive solution or industry-based solution is best. Many CRM software products are business based and not ideal for education institutions. Take a closer look at solutions that understand your needs and constraints.

Students are just like all other consumers. They take the time to shop around and they pick the institution that will best serve their interests. Your CRM system will be the driving force behind your ability to reach out to prospective and current students in a more personalized manner. CRM software that helps you automate, standardize and perfect processes between your students and alumni leading to increased enrolment, a happier student body and more engaged alumni.

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