6 Tips to Choosing the Right SAP Support and Maintenance Provider

SAP Support and Maintenance

As soon as you choose SAP platform as the appropriate software for your business needs, it is time to find the best fully outsourced SAP support and maintenance provider. SAP announces over 17,000 SAP partner companies globally in the market, making it challenging to choose the right provider for your specific needs.

Obviously, you are looking for a SAP partner who will help reduce IT operational costs, improve the quality of SAP services, and most importantly save you time to focus more on your core business areas.

On the other hand, choosing the wrong SAP partner will inevitably introduce high risks to your enterprise. SAP Outsourcing features handing over complete control of your SAP system to a third party support and maintenance provider, who will access the whole critical business database. Therefore, the decision must be taken only after performing your due diligence, weighing pros and cons and ascertaining that your SAP system is in safe hands.

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Searching for the right SAP provider will require that you are paying attention to specific attributes that are relevant to your business needs, in order to ensure that you are choosing the most suitable partner providing high-quality SAP support services.

Below are 6 tips we recommend you consider to get started:

6 tips to choose the right SAP support and maintenance provider:

1. Identify if the provider will fit your requirements- A reliable SAP partner must have the correct set up of SAP services and a strong team of experts to provide the suitable level of support for your needs. In addition to fitting your industry-specific requirements, also evaluate how fast their response times are, how they support in cases of enhancements, integration, upgrades etc.

Pay attention to these key attributes:

  • Adequate size of the SAP outsourcing company, as well as an alignment of culture to your business.
  • High bandwidth to provide the required support and maintenance.
  • Active approach to providing quick and relevant responses to address your concerns.
  • Readiness to protect your data and information at all times.

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2. Gain a good understanding of their expertise and strengths- Ensure that you are choosing a highly experienced partner, with the proper level of competence and expertise. Ensure your potential SAP provider has enough knowledge and understanding of your business processes and goals.

Pay attention to these key attributes:  

  • Credible time of work with SAP in the market.
  • High SAP experience, including several SAP products in the portfolio.
  • Strong technical SAP skills and know-how to apply them to your business operations.
  • Testimonials from trustworthy clients.

3. Evaluate if they offer flexibility- Every business is unique and has its own unique requirements. Therefore, the right SAP provider should offer customizations across the range of services, and an individual approach to every customer to create a plan that will deliver the right ROI for your investment.

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Pay attention to these key attributes:

  • Flexible range of SAP services.
  • Different levels of services depending on the size of your company and business goals.
  • The flexibility to pay only for what you need.

4. SAP certification- SAP is a complex software requiring serious technical knowledge. Ensure that your potential provider is a trusted SAP certified partner who is dedicated to constant skill upgrades and maintaining competency.

Pay attention to these key attributes:

  • Confirmed SAP certification.
  • Fully trained and qualified staff.
  • Regular investments in ensuring up-to-date skills in the team.

5. SAP Partner Centre of Expertise Accreditation (PCoE)- An important attribute of the right SAP partner is accreditation of SAP’s Center of Expertise. This certification has strict requirements, which take into account a SAP Partner’s complete support center, including support staff, related processes and infrastructure. This certification guarantees that the partner you choose has the capabilities and commitment required to provide high-quality services to their customers. With the certification now made a mandatory process, you must be doubly cautious if your current contender for a partner does not possess the badge.

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6. Service-level agreement- A well-informed service-level agreement helps regulate the relationship between a client and a provider. It stands for the provider agreeing to deliver a specific set of activities or meet certain business goals and is set between the client and the support and maintenance provider. SLA guarantees quality, availability, and responsibility for results.

If you are currently looking for an SAP Support provider, Savantis offers an advisory appointment to help you find the most suitable option for your enterprise. Schedule a call with one of our experts to learn more. 

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