6 Benefits of Digital HR Transformation with SAP SuccessFactors

Digital HR Transformation

Traditionally, HR was focussed on personnel management and basic labour related issues. However, for HR to have a positive impact, there needs to be a bird’s eye view of operations. HR today is more diverse focusing on recruitment, employee morale, maintenance of benefits administration, honing talent and maximizing employee potential.

With the increasing awareness and integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into various facets of our lives, a new wave of digital HR is here, led by cloud-based systems. Digital transformation of HR when done right brings about the evolution of the organization as a whole. This shift from a process-centric to a people-centric organization is changing the workforce management and the way of work. SAP SuccessFactors can help understand and identify strengths and areas for improvement to maximize workforce potential.

Employers today want to harness and develop the best of talent, which means moving past unconscious bias to foster diversity and having an inclusive culture. SAP SuccessFactors prevents bias before it happens through its photoless calibration process, and ensures qualified talent is visible, appreciated, and rewarded. Some of the key benefits of digital transformation with SAP SuccessFactors are as follows:

1. Simplified and standardized HR

HR processes are standardized with a simplified approach, thanks to the cloud based, comprehensive suite of applications that includes core HR , payroll, talent, and analytics. Innovations like Intelligent Services are simple and intuitive, outlining the tasks to be completed while eliminating the need for shared services support. This removes complexity and bias from promotions, provides user guidance, suggested actions, automation, and more. Studies show a 17 – 25% increase in process efficiency savings with Intelligent Services.

2. The Employee Experience

The employee experience isn’t just for the duration of your tenure. It starts from when a person engages with the company as a prospective hire until long after they leave. The SAP SuccessFactors helps create a personalized, engaging experience throughout their stint. This is done by meeting their needs, facilitating their career without bias, while creating relevant experiences to increase their efficiency.

3. Adapt to Changing Business Needs

Digitizing HR provides faster responses and resolution while maintaining optimum performance and great user experience. The SAP HR suite powers digital strategies with a cloud suite that is flexible and extensible. This functions by deploying an end-to-end system or simply adding features as and when you need it. With AI/ML integrated into the software it offers recommendations, senses patterns and can predict trends all leading to better, more informed choices.

4. Manage Workforce

With technology growing at a phenomenal rate, most people just need an internet connection to transform their location to a work desk. With a flood of part-time and full-time employees in addition to freelancers, organizations need to manage a large portion of their workforce being external labour. This has a direct impact on culture, experience, and business outcomes. In most cases, workforce data is spread across several platforms making it tough to compile. Integration between SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass offers complete visibility and control to the management, enabling informed decisions. This is done through total workforce management, unifying data onto a single platform, and eliminating inconsistencies.

5. Integrate and analyze

SAP SuccessFactors allows HR to drive the organization forward by providing valuable workforce data. This powerful visualization tool allows decision makers to gain insight into their workforce and make informed or even predictive decisions, thereby improving productivity, revenue, and employee satisfaction.

6. Build the Workforce

With changing demographics and a shrinking talent pool, HR needs to develop a new approach to build the workforce of the future. For an organization to be at the forefront, they need the best of talent and resources to hone that talent. The best way to do that is by connecting the workforce to your mission because people are driven by purpose and this, in turn, drives performance and productivity. For this, HR needs to be competent enough to spot, develop, and retain talent without bias. A digital HR strategy with the requisite tools to assess, analyze, predict, and develop talent is the way for the future. 

As an SAP Gold Partner, we have closely worked with industries like hospitality, retail, and manufacturing.  Understanding how your organization works, we come up with a digital transformation roadmap that aligns with your business outcomes and optimizes the business value that your enterprise can create with SAP. Please feel free to reach out to one of our experts if you have any questions.

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