Whatever your infrastructure needs, let Savantis evaluate your current network environment and provide a report which will summarize the network’s current health, as well as provide advice on what changes can and should be implemented.



Network Health Check

Network problems can cause a wide variety of problems, including slow or spotty connectivity, poor network performance, and low user satisfaction. Unfortunately, the causes can be hidden unless you uncover the issues with a wired network assessment. It is a general check up for the network. It includes

  1. Checking the cabling and wiring for age, layout, condition, etc. It will identify and inventory fiber connections, copper wiring, etc.
  2. Checking the age and general condition of your hardware and networking equipment, including all physical installations.
  3. An overview and assessment of your logical network, including VLANs, routers, services, etc.
  4. An overview and assessment of how the networking team is adhering to industry and company best practices.
  5. An assessment can be made according to the vendors you use, the vendors you plan to use, or you can get a vendor agnostic wired network assessment so that you can remain open-ended about vendor selection until you’re ready to commit and buy.

A wired network assessment can be like finally getting the full network diagnosed and receive proper recommendations for improving the network.

Infrastructure analysis

From top to bottom, we conduct in-depth audits of such vital aspects of your operation as a workflow analysis, needs analysis, security assessment, network analysis, and required resources.



Planning and design

Our expert systems and network engineers know how to design, build, and deploy an affordable enterprise-class information system tailored to your business needs.


Implementation Services

You’re in control. You provide the strategic direction and we’ll do the rest on time and within your budget. As your IT project manager, we will work with you to implement the network design. Further, you will know that technical support will be there when you need it.