63% of world’s transactions revenue touches in SAP systems at least once.

Infact, SAP has over 9,000 Global Wholesaler Customers of which 67% are small- to mid-sized business

  • How can wholesale distribution company grow sales profitably,
  • How can they manage vendor chargebacks and cash flow?
  • How can they provide superior customer service along with reducing operating costs?

Customers are more demanding as ever. Wholesalers need fast access to trusted information required to proactively manage customer and supplier relationships and make informed decisions.

How SAP solutions can help wholesale distributors

  • As a SAP-Certified Partner, Savantis can help by providing the tools, support, and insight needed to drive superior performance and profitable growth
  • SAP solutions integrate data, physical assets, and processes to give a holistic view of your business processes
  • By leveraging the power of SAP, you can streamline operations in ways that improve service levels and increase operational efficiency – all while enabling greater collaboration with customers and vendors.

Getting closer to business partners and delivering exceptional service is only one step away.

When you partner with Savantis, we will work closely with you in order to lower your total Cost of Ownership, help you differentiate your business and provide you with the fuel to grow from within your back-end operational system.




I want to integrate my supply chain

Visibility and control are key to performance. We enable manufacturers to have complete transparency across their global supplier network. We achieve this by automating the flow of data and information, both to and from suppliers. This comprehensive view provides you with invaluable insight into how you can maximize efficiency across your supply chain.

New technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), RFID and analytics allow optimization of the supply chain process across its various functions, including demand planning, inventory management, and so on.

I want to minimize costs and increase profits with strategic sourcing and procurement

As markets change and customer demands evolve, it becomes imperative that you are able to adapt and drive real business value from your network. Savantis helps you enlist the support of the right SAP solution, so your sourcing strategy becomes clear. We will streamline your procurements processes and reduce risk. We achieve this by automating approval flows, which facilitate greater collaboration with suppliers. Better collaboration allows you to create a real-time supply chain, where all the systems and processes are connected end to end, thereby giving you the freedom to manage and transform your supply chain to generate greater productivity.

I want to minimize costs and increase profits-1

I want to transform financial management processes to run a truly flexible business

Identify viable new business models and growth opportunities by predicting and evaluating outcomes. Improve business results with the flexibility to quickly adapt to real-time data. Our comprehensive SAP portfolio allows you visibility and control of your financial processes. With the insights you gain, you will be able to make commercial decisions that drive profits and efficiencies. Our suite of financial management solutions will allow you to standardize accounting and auditing processes, forecast more accurately, reduce costs, improve cash flow, automate procure to pay processes,manage controls with governance, risk and compliance and maximize visibility for better control over treasury.



SAP Consulting

Savantis offers wholesale and distribution businesses the full range of SAP consulting services. From process consulting to implementation, through to support and hosting, and everything in between, Savantis can address all your SAP consulting needs.

SAP Support

The Savantis Group ensures our customers receive all the functionality offered in SAP Enterprise Support, including: Root cause analysis, Remote services for technical risk assessment, TQC, Business process monitoring, SAP solution manager enterprise edition, Service Level Agreements, and all applicable patches and upgrades



Wholesale and distribution businesses have to look into transform or eradicate their most basic business processes in order to change the way they do business. Achieving this requires an IT architecture that can provide both stability and reliability. SAP S/4HANA was specifically built to form the digital core in this “bi - modal IT architecture.” It provides wholesale distribution firms with a proven framework to achieve operational excellence, specifically across order management and inventory management processes.

Are you a wholesale distribution company?