Market leaders in manufacturing understand the need to drive innovation while aligning with varying customer demands. However, legacy system and processes can inhibit this transformation. SAP S/4HANA addresses challenges in the manufacturing industry with its simplified and comprehensive user experience. With S/4HANA, manufacturers can leverage real-time visibility to predict roadblocks, minimize delays and meet ever-changing demands.

SAP S/4HANA solutions for the Retail industry


Single Source of Truth to Make Quicker Decisions

S/4HANA integrates different sources of information scattered in the processes of manufacturing, and gives you a single source of truth making it easy to stay updated with the latest data and analytics. This way, you can ensure little to no delay in your response. With quicker decisions, you drive improved outcomes.

Marketing and Merchandising

Manufacturing is an industry with tight margins, and if your data is unreliable, you end up compromising your revenue. S/4HANA connects your machines, people and processes for more accurate data so that the manufacturers have the financial certainty they need. Through standardization, SAP further ensures that the numbers always make sense.


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Integrated tools to meet varying demands and plant conditions

Enterprise-wide collaboration simplifies product planning and improves flexibility through quick responses. You can predict operational issues with real-time analytics and prepare for them to reduce your revenue loss. Complete view of your processes and products enables you to plan and streamline manufacturing overall.

Better planning to drive productivity

S/4HANA provides tools to quickly update production or workforce schedules so that manufacturers can meet varying demands of the market, or adapt to the changing plant conditions ensuring lower manufacturing cycle time. Integrated scheduling and execution gives a complete view of product and inventory data which can help reduce the time spent in inventory.


Process Manufacturing

Process manufacturers today face the challenge of meeting varying customer demands and regulatory bodies. To meet this challenge, manufacturers need to improve efficiency and transparency in their fast-paced organization. Then, they can focus on their product cycles and churn out quality products in a shorter time with reduced costs. Savantis can help transform process manufacturing with SAP S/4HANA giving manufacturers control over every single unit of production to boost quality.

Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing is largely dependent on the size of production orders. The order can be production by lot size, make-to-order production or assembly processing. SAP S/4HANA provides different variants to address these different scenarios. By implementing S/4HANA, Savantis can help discrete manufacturers gain control and visibility. This visibility into processes, inventory, materials, finances and supply chain can further help them eliminate waste and improve the production time. We work closely with various industries, such as industrial equipment, defense, automotive, electronics, and aerospace, to meet specific needs in our implementation of SAP S/4HANA.

Embark on Your Transformation Journey with Savantis

We, at Savantis, help manufacturers achieve digital transformation by leveraging SAP S/4HANA capabilities. With our rich domain expertise, we work closely with you to understand your organization’s nuances, processes, challenges and people. We get you a quicker return on your investment by selectively migrating your legacy systems.

We understand that a smooth implementation ensures long-term success. As an SAP Gold Partner, our team has years of experience in implementing SAP and in aligning the implementation with your business goals. We can help you get started on your transformation journey with a roadmap for your manufacturing process migration.

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