What we offer

We’re invested in our customers and share in their success.
  • Being a truly global organisation means we can offer follow-the-sun assistance packages to all geographies at all levels. In our experience, no two customers want or need the same support package.
  • As a PCOE Certified Partner, Savantis ensures that SAP Services and SAP Enterprise Support are made available to end-users in accordance with SAP terms and conditions, in a more cost effective model
  • The Savantis Group ensures our customers receive all the functionality offered in SAP Enterprise Support, including:
  • Root cause analysis
  • Remote services for technical risk assessment
  • TQC
  • Business process monitoring
  • SAP solution manager enterprise edition
  • Service Level Agreements
  • All applicable patches and upgrades

Our Support Models


As a vendor of software, support, and training, we understand the need for adequate knowledge transfer and sustainability.

We offer different support models that provide the level of care that individual customers need.




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