Reduce complexity

Reduce complexity

Evolving customer expectations are increasing the complexities and costs of everyday transactions. To overcome this and to stay ahead of the market, enterprises need a landscape simplification.

Simplify with S/4HANA

Simplify with S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA is a next-gen ERP business suite that is much faster than traditional systems. It simplifies the landscape, shrinks system sizes, and drastically reduces costs. S/4HANA prepares you for future opportunities and challenges.

Key benefits of SAP S/4HANA



Simplify your IT landscape with a digital core powered by HANA in-memory database.


Ease of use

Enable easy access with a highly intuitive, personalized, responsive, and innovative UI design by Fiori 2.0.


Improved planning

Perform faster planning cycles without any disruptions across different departments with centralized data.


Accounting and finance efficiency

Centralize your entire accounting and finance operations with improved reporting and control.


Reduced IT costs

Reduce your IT operational costs drastically with this intelligent ERP compared to traditional


Better cross-functional coordination

Identify possible issues faster and improve overall performance with visibility and mobility.

Explore SAP S/4HANA capabilities for different lines of business

  • Enhance planning and analysis

Boost efficiency and profitability with expedited planning processes. Analyze the financial impact of any organizational changes anytime, anywhere through direct simulations in ERP.

  • Simplify accounting and closing

Build a single source of truth to close in real-time with reduced efforts. Further, improve compliance and control as you easily drill down all the reports for your organization.

  • Improve treasury processes

Predict cash flow, manage liquidity, and alleviate risk with integrated cash flows and market data. Optimize straight-through processing with audit trails, compliance reports, and analysis in real-time.

  • Manage risk

Reduce risk and avoid compliance violations by integrating and automating enterprise risk and compliance activities. Manage frauds and protect assets to boost financial performance.

  • Integrate processes and improve planning

Reduce operational costs as you integrate management for both logistics and inventory processes seamlessly. Improve planning with real-time information and coordinated operations.

  • Assist complex assembly processes

Facilitate systematic planning for different complex assembly processes which encompass material requirements, production and capacity planning, bills of material, factory layout, and machine models.

  • Accelerate workflows

Synchronize material, equipment, labour and schedules to plan and schedule maintenance tasks ensuring optimal operations and improved safety.

  • Improve quality management

Drive all processes associated with quality management through enterprise-wide collaboration using the platform to keep improving your processes and minimizing delays.

  • Leverage visibility in purchasing and supply chain

Analyze purchasing data for actionable, real-time information. Optimize your mix of suppliers through classification, and evaluate their performance with supply chain visibility.

  • Streamline purchasing

Let employees can make purchases directly by automating sourcing and order processing with simplified approval and release procedures.

  • Automate sourcing and simplify procurement

Unify all sourcing data to enable automation of all the manual processes associated with sourcing. Replace multiple approvals workflow with a central approval system to simplify procurement.

  • Manage commodity procurement

Automate commodity-based contractual pricing to manage procurement. Further, streamline billing with automated price calculations to easily create commodity contracts.

  • Improve employee engagement

Leverage the platform’s intuitive, mobile user interface to boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, and extend learning material to your workforce easily.

  • Enable business transformation

Build global capabilities to optimize talent management and connect employees with company purpose. Adjust your HR strategy quickly in response to market trends enabling transformation.

  • Manage risk and compliance

Stay updated with global, local compliance embedded within the platform. Gain transparency into main talent areas to identify retention risk and develop succession strategies.

  • Strengthen total workforce management

Improve workforce planning and maximize productivity as you connect all employees seamlessly with the platform, delivering more business value for your enterprise.

Choose Any Of Three Scenarios To Start Your Journey


New implementation

Starting fresh with a new implementation

Standardize and simplify existing ERP system landscape using SAP best practices, on a fresh platform according to your business needs, budget and resources


System conversion

Conversion of your existing SAP system (On-premise or Cloud edition)

Adopt latest innovations for a complete technical transformation of the existing SAP Business Suite to SAP S/4HANA at your speed


Landscape transformation

Data migration to a new platform

Reimagine business processes with digital innovations and advantages of the new data model to eliminate aggregates and batch processing

What We Offer



As one of the first SAP Partners to implement S/4HANA, our experts help you optimize business processes, achieve your goals, and continually improve with our proprietary methodology.



Focus on the strategic priorities of your growing business as we take care of your IT infrastructure needs. With our SAP-as-a-Service (SAPaaS) bundle, we host and manage your SAP environment for you.



With our vast experience in SAP implementation, we are able to minimize risks and deal with challenges in your journey to S/4HANA, ensuring that the transition is smooth and successful.


Post implementation support

We provide support for your SAP environment to make sure that you continue to derive the most benefits from your SAP investments.



SAP S/4HANA on AWS Implementation Accelerator

With our innovative and established approach, we help customers in the entertainment, hospitality, and retail industries to get started with SAP S/4HANA solution on AWS. We leverage our domain expertise and functional knowledge to accelerate implementation and reduce project risk.

Download our solution brief for SAP S/4HANA on AWS Implementation Accelerator for:

SAP’s Activate Methodology enhanced by Savantis’ Activate+

Based on our years of experience, we’ve enhanced the SAP Activate Methodology with additional steps called Playback. This ensures that the users are acquainted with new systems after every step during Activate to make them comfortable and to anchor the solution in their working lives. We call it Activate+

Discover 3

  • Create a sandbox of the solution, confirming the understanding
  • Document and capture project scope
  • Provide clear visibility and insight into the current SAP Best Practices scope items
  • Document and validate the integration and extensibility of items within SAP and non-SAP solutions for the customer’s landscape

  • Project Plans, Schedule, and Budget
  • Project Kick-Off and On-Boarding
  • Business Driven Configuration Assessment
  • Prepare for Fit-to-Standard
  • Solution Definition and New Scope Item Activation
  • End-user Learning Strategy and Organizational Change Management Impact Analysis
  • Phase Deliverables - A walkthrough of all the (standard) functionalities by a Savant

  • Execution/Monitoring of Project
  • The integration is built; the configuration is updated, and enhancements completed
  • Solution Walkthrough
  • Test Preparation and Legacy Data Migration
  • Test Execution
  • Phase Deliverables - A walkthrough by both a Savant and customer, showing test data in systems.


  • Execution/Monitoring of Project
  • The system is loaded with data; several tests and corrections are done
  • End-user Learning
  • Production Cutover
  • Phase Deliverables - This is a full walkthrough of all the functionality through all the “happy paths” to ensure that all the business leads and executives are on-board with the project


  • The system is fully ready for go-live and the final decision is made
  • Ongoing System Operations
  • Continuous Learning and Continuous Improvement
  • Quarterly Release Cycle
  • New Scope Item Activation
  • New User Setup
  • Support Services for SAP S/4HANA Cloud

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