The hospitality industry, comprising hotels, casinos, entertainment centers, and more, continues to evolve rapidly resulting in an intense demand for automated management systems.

Customer needs to increase everyday, and so does competition. The hospitality industry itself can be rather complex to navigate and requires close attention in order to succeed.

Now more than ever, hotels are required to have the ability to respond swiftly to all market fluctuations.

In order to equip hoteliers with automated systems, and enable them to optimize processes and improve efficiency, SAP designed S/4HANA for Hospitality.

SAP S/4HANA solutions for the Hospitality industry



Financial Planning and Analysis

Define strategy, form cost drivers, enhance financial forecasting and analyze the big amount of transactional and operational data.

Accounting and Financial Close

Streamline the recording of accounting data for multiple companies, currencies, charts of accounts, reporting standards, and industry requirements.

Finance Operations

Collaborate finance operations and rapidly respond to fluctuating market dynamics with real-time insights, anywhere access, low-cost, and low-risk deployment.

Treasury Management

Improve the management of every activity associated with cash, payments, liquidity, risk, and compliance.

Procurement Excellence

Strategic Procurement

Enable improved contract and supplier compliance and mitigate costs

Supplier Management

Enable increased efficiency in managing sourcing operations and working with suppliers.

Inventory and Basic Warehouse Management

Increase efficiency in inventory and warehouse management, optimize procurement and merchandise development.

Services Procurement

Streamline your processes around vendor selection, negotiation, performance measurements, reporting, invoicing and more

Invoice and Payables Management

Improve processes for gathering and checking invoices, confirming them against pre-configured business rules, exclude data entry errors and duplications of invoices

Procurement Analytics

Gain real-time insights with purchasing reporting and procurement analytics from SAP and make immediate decisions to improve your position in the market.

Supplier Collaboration

Manage the entire source-to-settle cycle by effectively collaborating with business suppliers and partners.


Operations Management for Hospitality

Collective Catering

Adjust to last-minute changes and keep waste of materials and efforts to a minimum with the advanced analytics.

Strategic Procurement

Manage your contract and supplier compliance and gain more savings opportunities with lower risks and reduced cost.

Real Estate and Facilities Management

Plan investments, manage leases, and optimize maintenance and fine-tune your operations across functions and locations.

Building Insights

Leverage real-time information to manage and maintain properties, as well as, ensure improved customer satisfaction.

Asset Management for Hospitality

Asset Management

Maximize return on assets to reliably meet demand and control cost.

Environment, Health, and Safety

Moderate environment, health, and safety risks by accurate monitoring, reporting, and analyzing.


Marketing and Service for Hospitality

Real-Time Customer Insights

Get hidden insights, and make intelligent decisions in a timely manner by anticipating customer behaviors with predictive analytics.

Marketing with Speed and Agility

Craft winning marketing strategies by accessing transparent real-time data.

In-Moment Customer Experiences

Engage customers with personalized interactions across multiple channels to transform them into loyal brand advocates.

Commerce and Sales for Hospitality

Data Management

Manage and provide rich product data to stay engaged with your e-commerce customers consistently.

Omnichannel Commerce Management

Engage your customers across multiple touchpoints, including web, mobile, social, and chat.


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Key Benefits Of Implementing SAP S/4HANA For Hospitality:

  • Centralized data in a single source of truth of the detailed information
  • Elevate the Guest Experience and Streamline Operations
  • Build guest and passenger loyalty by providing exceptional service and personalized experiences
  • Have a holistic view of customers across channels and derive actionable insights
  • Identify customers based on their intent and reach out at relevant points throughout their journeys to influence behavior
  • Personalization of every interaction with your brand regardless of channel
  • Improve and digitize end-to-end business processes - from Planning to front-end operations to guest services
  • Newly digitized processes will be differentiating against competition in the Digital Economy.
  • Real-time insights about each organization that can be leveraged to make the right decisions
  • High control over all components in the hospitality business

Client Testimonial

Watch how Savantis team helped the iconic ICON Orlando to improve their business process and efficiency. We implemented SAP S/4HANA just in the 8 weeks roll out and replaced all the basic systems like finance and procurement and completed the full integration with ticketing.

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SAP S/4 HANA enables digitization within the hospitality sector, which helps businesses offer excellent customer service, optimizes business processes and improves control and analysis of the enterprise. SAP S/4HANA brings together all the information about your enterprise from reception desks, banquet services, sales and marketing departments, bookkeeping and financial departments, into a single location, allowing for greater transparency and control in a business.

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SAP Consulting

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SAP implementation

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