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Win over demanding shoppers – with our customer-centric merchandising solutions for retail.

Customers’ needs and wants seem to fluctuate constantly. But their expectations for quality, selection, and service only seem to increase. If you are a midsized retailer, you face the same challenges as national chains when it comes to planning, procuring, supplying, and selling. But midsize retailers usually have disparate legacy systems and fewer resources – people, time, and budgets – to overcome those challenges.

  • To win the competition for customers, midsized retailers must provide more enjoyable and differentiated experiences than national chains.
  • Midsized retailers must also improve operating efficiencies, make accurate informed decisions based on real time information, and put action plans in motion quickly.

A single platform, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system helps retailers to do exactly that. With years of expertise selling and implementing SAP Retail Solutions at midsized retailers, Savantis understands their needs and speaks the language.

  • We offer a wide-range of services and solutions to help retailers select, implement and support merchandise management applications and provide your associates with services and experiences.
  • We also provide real-time customer insight and predictive analytics, optimized merchandise and assortment planning, marketing, campaign and promotion planning, and perfect price and promotion execution solutions.
  • Whether you are interested in a cloud-based, on premise, or SaaS type solution, Savantis brings SAP Retail Solutions to ambitious retailers faster than you ever thought possible and without breaking the bank.

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