What we offer


An App Starts With An Idea

Do you have an idea for the app that would mobilize your workforce, freeing them of the confines of an office? Maybe placing sales orders for customers using a tablet would give your sales force an edge. Or perhaps it’s inbounding of goods by their container ID, so goods can be received by the box or pallet instead of at the item level.

A Partner To Guide You Through the Process

Whatever your vision, SavantisMobile is there to provide guidance.

Our mobile team is run by a program manager who has the mobile app development experience to fearlessly lead the project from inception to completion, avoiding many of the snares that face less experienced travelers.

Our team has provided solutions for some of the largest and most well known companies. Now it’s your turn.


Industrial Strength Platforms

SavantisMobile delivers apps using the industry standard platforms, whether it’s a native Android or iOS app or a hybrid web app. Apps are built using the industrial strength SMP platform from SAP, a platform that was recognized by the Gartner Group as an innovator in the mobile workspace.

Information At Your Fingers

Your workforce and partners need the information that helps your organization run like a well-oiled machine. SavantisMobile solutions provide information at your fingers wherever you are. So you can be out of the office forming alliances with strategic partners and still have your finger on the pulse of your business.


So What’s Your Idea?


We can make it happen at Savantis.

Your project will be led by an experienced project manager who will work with you to make sure the app meets your requirements.


Ready to convert ideas into your business’ competitive advantage? Get started today.