1. Improve guest and customer experience

1. Improve guest and customer experience

  • Engage with your guest in real-time via the hotel app, hotel Wi-Fi network, digital signage, email and SMS from booking to check-out and beyond.
  • Manage entire guest journey. Guest profile in the CRM is enriched continuously with guest location, mobility, preferences, comments and behavioral insights.
  • Minimize wait times and offer seamless check-in experience for all your guests
2. Increase revenue per customer

2. Increase revenue per customer

  • Happy guests spend more and are more inclined to keep coming back
  • CRM is continuously enriched with guest insights and staff observations including comments made by guests and social media data
  • Run individualized marketing campaigns based on location and mobility insights
3. Decrease operational costs

3. Decrease operational costs

  • Deliver services based on guest preference
  • Use insights gained from the guest profile to augment the allocation & management of IT and HR assets
  • Capture dynamic data in real-time from HVAC systems, keyless entry systems, WLAN, mobile App, PMS, CRS, etc.

Who are we

Savantis is an award-winning IT solutions company specializing in business analytics.

The modern Hospitality industry has gone through many changes through the years. But, the digital revolution has unleashed a convergence of forces that are transforming the hospitality industry broadly and swiftly.

Its impact is reinventing the entire customer experience from pre-booking, booking, and on property experience to checkout and beyond. Those who fail to adjust to these new market requirements risk losing out to both established and emerging competitors.

The industry is focusing their strategic initiatives on enhancing guest experience and providing guests with greater control and flexibility in how the interaction occurs through the entire lifecycle.

This improved guest experience is expected to drive in incremental revenues and improve operational efficiencies.

Enabling this greater control over interactions requires properties to expand Wi-Fi bandwidth and improve information security as guests take advantage of self service capabilities. In addition, efficient and timely data analytics are the foundational elements in supporting realtime decision making around the guest experience, providing guests with relevant promotional offers, and driving real time dynamic pricing.

Engaging travelers/Connect your Guest Wi-Fi and customer data sources

By implementing digital platforms, we work towards bringing together all your visitor data into one platform, creating powerful visitor analytics. From Wi-Fi and foot counters, to CCTV, web, social, point of sale and more. IO helps you consolidate your data, in addition to correlating multiple data sources to build a deeper understanding of your customers maximizing every engagement.

By integrating data for better targeting and contextually aware experiences across channels. IO Insight helps you expand your view on customer behaviour with precise, real time visitor analytics’ reports that help you unlock meaningful insights and make informed business decisions. Experience the new standard in venue performance reporting and KPI’s.

By providing seamless integration across channels for the connected traveler. IO Engage is an omni-channel, data-driven marketing platform that uses rich behavioural insights to deliver more targeted and personalised campaigns. These campaigns are then attributed to in-venue behaviour using Skyfii’s real-time visitor analytics for proven ROI.

Our Solutions

Hospitality 2.0 – Solution

The new generation of Hospitality guests expect complete, interactive, and round-the-clock digital engagement with individualized experiences.  With SAMMY platform, Hospitality properties can quickly create and deploy complete digital engagement and individualized experiences to engage guests on their mobile devices and digital screens and to attract new customers, retain them, and build loyalty and repeat business. Savantis Hospitality 2.0 solution helps hospitality properties build stronger customer connections, implement new business models, increase revenue opportunities and improve brand awareness.

The SAMMY platform readily and securely integrates with existing Hospitality back office infrastructure and utilizes context-aware data such as location, user profile information, and guest and employee comments to provide enhanced engagements and experiences. SAMMY Locationing App comes with a native SDK to integrate with the Hospitality Rewards App, allowing IT staff and third parties to develop their own applications on top of it.

  • Deliver Complete Digital Engagement & Individualized Experience to Hotel Guests:

From the time of booking, when the guest registers via the hotel app, website, or third-party booking site, to hotel check-in and check-out. Upon reservation, the CRM will manage the entire customer journey through Target, Sell, and Deliver & Support.

  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty during Hotel Stay

By combining the published Hotel Loyalty program customer profile with real-time data collected during reservation, check-in, and check-out to provide individualized digital concierge and guest service delivered over the mobile app.

  • Increase Revenue

Target marketing to increase spending opportunities via individualized engagement and real time mobility-based advertising to resident guests during the stay, and target marketing to non-resident guests to increase spending and convert them to future guests.

  • Improve TCO & IT Efficiency

    Hotel staff can use the multi-tenancy dashboards for internal communication to Increase efficiency, productivity, and reduce costs. Allocate and manage hotel human resources & IT assets efficiently for capturing guest insights and delivering individualized guest services.