Wholesale and Distribution


  • 63% of world’s transactions revenue touches in SAP systems at least once.
  • SAP has over 9,000 Global Wholesaler Customers of which 67% are small- to mid-sized business

How can wholesale distribution company grow sales profitably, manage vendor charge backs, and cash flow and provide superior customer service along with reducing operating costs?
Customers are more demanding as ever. Wholesalers need fast access to trusted information required to proactively manage customer and supplier relationships and make informed decisions.

SAP solutions for wholesale distributors can help. As a SAP-Certified Partner, Savantis can help by providing the tools, support, and insight needed to drive superior performance and profitable growth. SAP solutions integrate data, physical assets, and processes to give a holistic view of your business processes.

By leveraging the power of SAP, you can streamline operations in ways that improve service levels and increase operational efficiency – all while enabling greater collaboration with customers and vendors.

Getting closer to business partners and delivering exceptional service is only one step away. We can help lower your total Cost of Ownership, help you differentiate your business and provide you with the fuel to grow from within your back-end operational system.