Vedicsoft and Savantis Group Have Merged To Become One Entity: Savantis

What Savantis Offers

Innovative Solutions Delivered

At Savantis we’re solving real business challenges for our customers through innovation and deep industry knowledge. Our suite of enterprise solutions and services ensure long term customer success. We work with customers in Hospitality & Entertainment, Retail and manufacturing to help them with full life cycle services focused on ERP, CRM, Mobility, Analytics and Infrastructure Management. Our Innovative solutions and Processes have helped many clients realize their strategic and tactical business objectives. We leverage industry leading partner technologies from SAP, SFDC, Extreme Networks, Qlik etc., to deliver innovative value added solutions.

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Scale and succeed with proven expertise and a dedicated team behind you

We have worked closely with several leading names in order to drive transformation, innovate, maximize investment and deliver competitive advantage.






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Our Expertise

We Solve Enterprise Challenges Efficiently

Savantis has one mission and that is to grow large and medium-sized businesses and help them scale to new heights. Here’s how we do it



Savantis’ enterprise application portfolio spans across

Industry Expertise

Expertise across various industries

Over the past couple of decades, Savantis has crafted comprehensive solutions for various industries, which subsequently led to building strong capabilities that are guaranteed to deliver value. These industries include:

Partner with us to build affordable business systems for your organization.



Deep technical expertise

Savantis has significant global reach and resources, which directly impacts the level of expertise we bring to the table.  We also have extensive experience creating, delivering and large scale solutions that address various enterprise needs and challenges. Our portfolio of innovative  solutions and products includes:

  • Digital customer engagement
  • CRM optimization tools
  • Smart analytics products  
  • Proven capabilities centered around SAP

Our suite of solutions and products help us add tremendous value to our clients.


A team that delivers results

At Savantis, we understand that’s it not just about how much you do, but also how well you do it.

This is why we only employ individuals that bring both expertise and an incomparable passion to see clients succeed.

We are particular about understanding your challenges, operations, and systems meticulously well, in order to craft solutions that will help maximize your investment.

Our leadership team is equipped with decades of combined expertise in designing, deploying and enhancing robust enterprise and consumer solutions.





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Our Clients Speak

David BentWe were very fortunate to work with Savantis who did the implementation from start to end in 12 weeks and after about 4 months we got about 38 million transactions
David Bent
VP Theatre Accounting - Arc Light Cinemas/Pacific Theatres
David RumbergWe were referred to Savantis who helped us put together an app that uses SAP HANA to provide real time product pricing comparison so buyers can make purchase decisions while at the store.
David Rumberg
Partner and CIO - Sports Basement

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