Savantis’ systems engineers can install, configure and maintain your enterprise servers, operating systems and application services.


Our experienced and certified system engineers will help you save costs, time and reduces the worry of running or managing your critical business systems.

  • We help customers install the operating systems, configure system services based on your specifications and provide software updates/apply patches as appropriate
  • We offer complete range of server administration services ranging from server provisioning, capacity planning, virtualization, security, clusters and support services (addition/removal of hardware, software, user management, performance monitoring, troubleshooting) .
  • We focus on solutions and services targeting high availability, improved utilization. These include server administration, managed open source applications, network monitoring and support services
  • We proactively safeguard your critical computing infrastructure by continuously monitoring servers and networks elements to identify and resolve problems even before you are affected. We help protect your environment from unauthorized users, virus attacks and various other security threats
  • We backup all data on all your servers to ensure that you never lose business critical information
  • We help our customers achieve significant cost savings by continuously monitoring and supporting all key network elements remotely
  • With remote control technology, our expert engineers at offshore can repair and resolve problems without being onsite. We also monitor computers and servers, repairing a majority of our customers’ problems remotely.

Basic Server Administration

Install OS: Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2008 R2 RedHat Enterprise Linux CentOS Linux Ubuntu

Our offerings:

  • Installation of operating system on your virtualized server, configuring the base system services to your specifications, and providing security patch/software updates when appropriate.
  • Server administration services for all commonly available flavors of Linux, Unix and Windows.
  • Different sets of plans that can be customized to your needs.
  • Monitoring operating system health and statistics
  • Downtime response and system reboot
  • Operating system troubleshooting, repair and patches
  • Install, set-up, configure & maintain mail servers (IMAP, POP3 ,Postfix, Exchange, Zimbra) Install, set-up, configure and support DNS server
  • Install, set-up, configure and support DHCP server
  • Install, set-up, configure support and monitor Web Server (Apache and IIS)
  • Install, set-up, configure support and monitor FTP Server (VSFTP, ProFTPD, Wu-FTP)
  • Install, set-up, configure and support Document Management (Alfresco, SharePoint)
  • Install, set-up, configure and support database server (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL server) Install and maintain Perl, PHP and other open source software
  • File system management
  • Daily backup system maintenance
  • Backup restorations
  • Installation and maintenance of common utilities and applications
  • Security related configurations
  • 24/7 monitoring of the server
  • Diagnostic analysis of critical system failure

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