Our expert database administrations execute the latest database upgrades across multiple database environments.

  • Savantis is unique in its capacity to design, articulate multiple upgrade scenarios and collective intellect to quickly deliver your solution
  • The team services multiple version upgrades, OS, cross platform migrations and any complexity upgrade assignments
  • We also perform testing procedures, configuration and fallback routines.

The most prevalent end-of-life upgrades include:

  • SQL Server: All versions to SQL Server.
  • Oracle: All versions to latest 11gR2 release.
  • Oracle EBS: All versions to latest R12 release.
  • MySQL upgrades (to include any specific versions).
  • DB2: For LUW: 10.5, 10.1, 9.8, 9.7, 9.5 and 9.1. For z/OS: 11, 10 and 9.

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