• Partnering with Savantis ensure that you can execute any DBA support task, without any restriction
  • By utilizing Savantis’ foundational ITIL process and delivery methodology, our DBA experts apply their expertise to provide both reactive and proactive database support.
  • Our proactive database support will ensure that your database environment receives the preventative care it requires for the future, while also having the availability to respond to your most critical needs with integrity.
  • Savantis’ matured support service model covers a wide range of activities with our expert DBAs performing routine tasks such as patching, backups, configuration and installation.
  • Other support tasks are customized to each database environment. This includes customized deployment procedures, refresh methodologies, failover and replication routines - tasks that require persistent attention, beyond simple knowledge application.
  • Savantis database support is designed to ensure that there is no hinderance to your company’s ability to optimize your environment or improve current practices.

Key Features of Savantis’ Support Services:

  • Database Health Checks
  • Proactive Administration
  • Customer Service Requests
  • Clear Roles and Responsibilities
  • DBA Flexibility and Scalability
  • Primary and Support DBAs
  • Vedicsoft Collective knowledge base
  • Collaboration and Delegation

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