Process design, and configuration support

Savantis works with your team design a process model that is conducive to successful CRM implementation. We have extensive experience and knowledge in factors that are critical to implementation, and how they interplay amongst each other to affect project outcome.

Custom development Services

Savantis can customize your CRM solutions to suit your business needs in order to improve business processes and communication with other business systems. The customisation can range from custom module development to simple aesthetic changes, code changes, bespoke development, workflow automations and integrations.


Data Migration

We manage the migration of CRM data from almost all legacy CRM systems. We prioritize cost effective and time sensitive migration of data to ensure and efficient Go-live of your CRM.

Integration Services

We integrate your CRM with the ERP system and synchronize information like Customers, Products and Orders between the two applications. This further enables you to have an automated and streamlined flow of information.



Our Quality Assurance and Testing team will set a process in motion that will help you identify key issues in implementation. The system will be tested carefully for robustness and to ensure that all of the user requirements are being met, therefore leading to better adoption rates. Our focused CRM testing services reduce costs and time-to-test through managed and automated testing services and have been successfully implemented across multiple verticals & horizontals.

User Training

An experienced professional CRM trainer will educate your end users and administrators on key business processes and managing them on the product. Our end user training brings to the forefront our change management experience, training your end users to optimize their usage of your CRM instance.