Business case development for SaaS deployment

As cloud computing shifts IT workloads and processes, the Savantis team can consult business leaders on which technologies will move the business forward and architecting the company’s infrastructure in such a way that you are able to fully leverage the benefits of cloud.

Cloud advisory services, including cloud readiness assessment

Cloud Advisory Services is made up of a set of consulting practices designed to guide you with virtually any cloud-centric decision, technology, or implementation, at any point in your cloud journey. Cloud Advisory Services services and practices are aligned along these capabilities: envision, design, build, transform, and innovate. Whether your goal is to envision the opportunities cloud can offer, or adopt cloud and realize its benefits, Savantis Cloud Advisory Services will help you: Analyze gaps Build an implementation roadmap Prioritize the workloads on the cloud Design your cloud Adapt your organization


CRM strategy consulting

What customers expect from a CRM System is to better manage the knowledge around their customer’s network, to make a real difference in the attrition of new customers and the retention of existing ones. With over a decade of experience in CRM consulting, our experts will help you evaluate & select, cloud readiness assessment, migration roadmap to CRM and a solution prototype. CRM Consulting is typically delivered in the form of workshops attended by key stakeholders.

Migration Roadmap

Based on information compiled during CRM consulting workshops and various analysis, which includes, SWOTs, cost estimations, action plans, and so on, a CRM roadmap is issued. Several organizations are looking to replace their traditional on-premise CRM systems with cloud-based CRM platforms. Such a move helps businesses avoid expensive upgrades for highly customized tools. The Savantis migration roadmap addresses all aspects of CRM planning, including deployment and adoption. This helps your business become more agile, and reduces total cost of ownership.