Most companies invest in Salesforce CRM for management reporting purpose, essentially making it a record keeping system, to keep track of what sales teams are working on

Bolt transforms it into a powerful sales tool which enables the sales team to close deals faster, provide vital insights to management on deal maturity, ensure forecast accuracy and identify areas in which the sales team is struggling.

Bolt-on solutions, natively built onto Salesforce, help you derive ROI from expensive ISV products, with built-in AI capabilities that unearth success indicators. These are based on what is working well, how A-Performers are closing deals, and what is causing deal slippage.


What BOLT has to offer:

Territory Management: Score and rank customers, prospects, suspects, partners, competitors, and more.

Pipeline Management: Visualize the sales process, exit criteria, recommendations, and more.

Opportunity Management: Validate every step – know what you don’t know, and see recommended critical success factors for each opportunity.

Relationship Management: Map ALL relationships – see many-to-many and single connections, as well as suggested core messaging based on relationship score.

Today Page:  For each sales rep – What should I be doing today? What are my most productive activities?

A look at Bolt’s features:

Sales Engine: Transform salesforce CRM into a powerful sales tool providing crucial insights

Sales Optimizer: Optimize your Salesforce CRM to solve your hardest problems

Connections: Obtain key insights into your customer relationships

Factual forecast accuracy: Bolt resolves your struggle with forecast accuracy and subjective deal maturity

Focus on the right deals: Find out which deals you will close this quarter, so you can focus on the right ones