How Cinemas Can Address 21st Century Challenges


The twenty-first century has an abundance of choices and opportunities with increasing access to content. With this plethora of choices, how consumers choose to spend their leisure time depends on a lot of things including convenience and the quality of experience. In this century, cinemas are hardly the prime source of entertainment for consumers and

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5 Value Areas for SAP S/4HANA


As organizations navigate increasingly competitive markets, the need to attain new levels of agility has increased proportionately. As a result, more and more organizations are turning towards cloud computing to fuel their journey to digital transformation. Business leaders have been making cloud computing a business priority in recent years, and for good reason. A cloud-first

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Common Myths about SAP Support

SAP Support

With every new product launch by SAP, there is a need to educate about its impact on the existing SAP user base. Majority of questions that surround each release pertains to the support that would be provided by SAP for that version. While some are facts that need to be clarified, others are myths to

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How S/4HANA can Transform Manufacturing

S/4HANA for Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector is metamorphosing to meet the next-gen customer demands. The nature of customer and market expectations are dynamic in this digital age. Customers expect you to tailor-make products to their specific needs, and deliver rapidly the highest quality products at competitive prices. They also look for qualities such as traceability and genealogy requirements

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What is SAP C/4HANA and Why You Should Implement It

SAP C/4HANA Implementation

While bad customer experience can cost a business billions of dollars, great experience can create a compounding effect on profitability. Customer experience leaders achieve compound average revenue growth of 17% over five years, and sometimes up to 25%. Among the different enablers of customer experience, SAP has a unique positioning to help organizations achieve consumer-driven

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Switching To SAP S/4HANA Cloud – What you Should be Aware of Before the Project Starts

Switching To SAP S4HANA Cloud

Moving your business core to a cloud-based platform allows for quick deployment accelerating time to value. Adopting rapid innovation cycles reduces TCO and TCI. Cloud solution enables a fundamental change in the enterprise capabilities redefining ERP. It reimagines business processing by choosing SaaS deployment model as a regular infrastructure. Cloud bookings are rapidly growing and

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