How Enterprises can be More Customer-Centric

Consumers today are not just digitally active, they are digitally aware. With the omnipresence of the internet, the decision power, and the readily-available information, today’s customers get what they want, when they want it. This has resulted in a self-aware end users who are perpetually connected and expect seamless solutions, streamlined services and functionalities. Intelligent

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How SAP S/4HANA Brings AI-Powered Business Capabilities to ERP


With technology-led transformations, enterprises have continued to meet customer expectations and address their needs. But for a while now, customer expectations have surpassed the conventions. Today’s customer wants an effortless, personalized experience. Current legacy infrastructure and processes may, however, hinder organizations to curate such experiences. With changing demands, needs and expectations, a new transformation led

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Savantis presenting “Lessons Learned: How Retailer Sports Basement converted from ECC6 EHP3 to S/4HANA”

Savantis Session at ASUG Philadelphia Chapter Meeting

Savantis will present a session on “Lessons Learned: How Retailer Sports Basement converted from ECC6 EHP3 to S/4HANA” at the ASUG Philadelphia Chapter Meeting – Fall 2018. The meeting will be on Thursday, September 13, 2018 at SAP Headquarters. Join us at the SAP Headquarters and learn the story of the first retail SAP customer

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28 Expert Opinions Every Business Leader Should Know About Enterprise AI

Today’s world of digital transformation observes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as the most discussed technologies. These disruptive technologies have the potential to reshape enterprises. New capabilities and applications of AI and ML are being realized everyday. And everyone is expecting impact and results. As an SAP Gold Partner and someone who enables

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An Inside Look at Implementing S/4HANA Cloud

SAP S4HANA Solutions

A primary concern for organizations today is to be agile enough to foster enterprise-wide innovation at a fast pace. Businesses are naturally leaning towards adopting software that is ready to use in a short time. Designing, installing and maintaining a modern IT environment is often excessively expensive and complicated for a company. Furthermore, as an

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5 Most Notable Quotes from the Best Thought Leaders at SAPPHIRENOW & ASUG Conference 2018

SAPPHIRENOW and ASUG is the most innovative cloud and business technology annual conference. The entire Savantis team was incredibly excited to participate in such a riveting event, featuring the greatest thought-leaders of the 21st century. We captured a few notable quotes from the keynote presentations of 2018 SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG Conference. Here is what

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